Treasured Quotes

These are some of our favorites, from among the many heartfelt notes we received. I live alone and am estranged from my family and discovered your sweet girl at the start of the pandemic. She brought me such joy and peace and comfort.” — Sparklefan I am from Dorchester and I would take occasional trips… Continue reading Treasured Quotes

Book of Sparkle

One group of Sparkle lovers — “Sparkle’s gang” — made an entire 32-page booklet in memory of Sparkle. Thank you so much for such a beautiful gift!

Notes of Gratitude

The outpouring of flowers, cards, gifts and notes honoring Sparkle continues to amaze and touch us. Something happened here that went far beyond the typical loss of a treasured pet. Sparkle embodied an unexpected kindness and acceptance that gave comfort and joy to so many hearts, and brightened the entire neighborhood.

Goodbye Sparkle

17-Nov-2021. This evening we said goodbye. We were not expecting Sparkle’s end to come so soon. She had such a good day yesterday. She was out front, in her usual spot next to her sign by the sidewalk, sitting up tall, radiant in the sunshine, waiting for any of her many friends to stop by… Continue reading Goodbye Sparkle

Love Letters for Sparkle

We occasionally find a nice note for Sparkle in our mail slot, or a donation of hand sanitizer refill. Thank you, to all fellow Sparkle lovers!

Sparkle Has Cancer 😭

It is in her upper jaw, and not curable, though she has medication for secondary infection and pain as needed. Sparkle is 11 years old, and has given so much joy and comfort to so many in the neighborhood over the past 10 years since she adopted us. She has always loved being out in… Continue reading Sparkle Has Cancer 😭

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Sparkle in the News

Our dear girl Sparkle has been getting lots of attention from the news media and around the Web. She’s been interviewed several times by TV news crews. Some news stories about Sparkle: Newsweek: Dying Dog Who Sits Next to Sign Saying She Needs ‘Extra Love’ Breaks Hearts NBC News10: Community Comes Together for Somerville Dog… Continue reading Sparkle in the News