Treasured Quotes

These are some of our favorites, from among the many heartfelt notes we received.

“There were many times that petting Sparkle was what calmed me down before job interviews and important presentations.”
“She was the treasure of the whole neighborhood and a deep comfort on pandemic walks.”

I live alone and am estranged from my family and discovered your sweet girl at the start of the pandemic. She brought me such joy and peace and comfort.”

“She brought so much love, light, and life during such challenging times.”
“She heard more of my secrets than my closest friends!”
“She was such a bright spot during a rough time. . . .”
“Fly High, will miss you!” — Note from UPS carrier
“. . . Petting Sparkle made us feel a little happier every time.”
“Thank you for sharing this magical beast with the community all these years.”
“You made every day a little brighter.”

I am from Dorchester and I would take occasional trips to Somerville for “Sparkle Walks” with a friend when we needed a cheer up.”

“She was a beacon of light and joy . . . the absolute highlight from our time in Somerville.”
“You were such a positive note in my day for so long. Thank you for making the world brighter.”
“Losing Sparkle is an absolute tragedy. All weekend I was in tears as news of Sparkle kept showing up in my newsfeed.”
“Sparkle was a sweet and gentle friend to all.”
“Over the years I have witnessed so many people — small children, elderly, students, etc. — enjoying her special gift of love.”
“She brightened my day every time I would walk by her when I lived in MA. . . . She has been a joy to this neighborhood for years.” — Former Somerville resident who now lives in NH and delivered toys to Sparkle when she heard of Sparkle’s cancer.
“I love you.” — From Naomi to Sparkle, November

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