Love Letters for Sparkle

We occasionally find a nice note for Sparkle in our mail slot, or a donation of hand sanitizer refill. Thank you, to all fellow Sparkle lovers!


  1. Hey sparkle mom and dad sending lots of hugs from me in Michigan where may I send a letter amd or a card to you for sparkle keep going sparkle we all behind you

  2. Dearest Sparkle how much love and joy you have brought to your family, your community and the world. Thank you to neighbours and strangers for taking the time to go and see Sparkle. There is human kindness after all. Shine brightly in this world and the next lovely Sparkle.

  3. The love that you have shown to your furbaby is wonderful. Losing a pet is so hard but you gave Sparkle a very special final time . RIP beautiful doggy

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